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Psychosexual, Relationship and EMDR Trauma Therapy in Leicester

I am a BACP & COSRT Senior Accreditated Psychotherapist in Leicester, this covering Psychosexual Therapy, Relationship Counselling and Individual Therapy. I am also an Accredited Trauma Specialist (EMDR).

I am committed to providing these therapies, since 2002, in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment, a client's individuality being embraced. These can be either face to face, telephone or Skype sessions as required, especially with the Corona Virus pandemic. I am offering FREE Psychotherapy/Trauma sessions to Frontline workers at this time.

We look to do more than manage, but fix the problem, and I am proud of my consultancy success rate with clients in achieving their goals, currently standing at 95%. This is a very collaborative type of therapy, we do not just talk.

I work and consult with both individual adults and couples of any sexual orientation on a short (around 6 sessions for General Wellbeing work) or longer term basis. One-off sessions are also available as appropriate, or an intensive day or two can be planned as per the client's needs. I also am available through BUPA's Professional Register if you have their healthcare insurance. My role is to work with the client to understand what their issues really mean to them, and to help them create a healthier life for themselves and their loved ones going forward. This may involve exploring immediate concerns in life or address 'deeper' issues present.

As a therapist I work in an Integrative, structured approach using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic, EMDR and Systemic theories in the main. In a nutshell, this means together we generate insights from a client's background (the Script as it is known) and then strategically work out how to fix the underlying issues emerging with healthier behaviours. This makes this work solution focused. The three core conditions of empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard underpin this. Gay affirmative practice from a non-traditional perspective is worked with in LGBT therapy. I am also BDSM/Kink Aware and work with Gender Dysphoria.

I am experienced in working with sexual dysfunctions in sex therapy and have worked successfully with clients who have experienced childhood sexual abuse be that face to face or online, or have mental health issues, Aspergers or have experienced trauma and dissociation. Compulsive/addictive therapy work is available for eating disorders and drug and alcohol abuse. I specialise in EMDR work (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) for trauma cases, be that Developmental trauma that has interfered with the growth of personality or a life changing event, that may be resulting in PTSD and/or dissociation depending on it's complexity. This includes Dissociative Identity Disorder. I also specialise in Sexual Addiction in sex therapy work here in Leicester, for both the addict and their partners. It maybe for some individuals that sex is not connected with love. Additionally Sexual Anorexia, Asexual and Infertile clients also attend to work through what this means for them.

Relationship therapy has addressed areas of breakdown, affairs, self esteem, bereavement, moderate depression and anxiety (including OCD, Pure O and PTSD), and I work cognitively to improve communication and improve the status quo of the individuals concerned. Mindfulness usually helps to bring some anxiety levels down here, especially with Borderline Personality Disorder. Relationship work may be required to understand more about patterns of issues from the past affecting the present, again potentially including trauma, and altering these for the future.

I do not work with users of child pornography or domestic violence. These cases would be automatically referred

My practice is based at a Conference Centre in the Leicester city centre. Both daytime and evening appointments are available, and the therapy room has disabled access. Skype sessions are available for ongoing clients, should they not be able to get into the office or have moved away.


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